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Winster Avenue


A contemporary shot of Winster Avenue.


A contemporary overview of Winster Avenue.





South Radford Street

A view down South Radford Street which used to lead down to Chaucer Court and John Bacon Court. You can just see Shelley House in the background. Even now if I see down South Radford Street I am immediately transported to the mid-1970s. I learned to ride a bike (a chipper) on this street, and my mate who had a Chopper often gave me "backies" down this street. Also when we were driven home a dog used to chase the car and attempt to bite the tyres. Picture by Eddie Smith.


An aerial view of South Radford Street in May 2006.



A view from each end of South Radford Street in February 2008. In the picture above note the slick production of double yellow lines!


Two high views along South Radford Street from the 10th Floor of Shelley House in February 2008.



Another modern overview of the street.




Shirley Avenue

A picture of the rear of the houses on Shirley Avenue as they are being built in 1921. You can see in the background that the rest of the Kersal Estate has not yet been built.



Shirley Avenue in 1980. Thanks to Jimmy Clarke


In May 2006.



The junction of Shirley Avenue and South Radford Street. Many a happy time was spent here in childhood.


The middle section with Shirley Avenue which had a junction with Monsal Avenue.


The cul de sac at the end of Shirley Avenue in February 2008.


The ginnel from Shirley Avenue which led to Oaklands Road. The garden at the side of the ginnel always seemed to have ferocious dogs. This meant that we always ran along the ginnel rather than walked!



Another modern overview of Shirley Avenue.