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Bradley Avenue

The intersection between Bradley Avenue and Littleton Road. The grass area seems small now but I played football there as a child with Alan Bromwich. You can just see Spencer House in the background. Picture by Eddie Smith


Another contemporary shot of the same street with Shelley House in the background.Picture by Eddie Smith


Below is an aerial view of Bradley Avenue from May 2006.


A view down Bradley Avenue towards the flats on the 4th June 1959. Roll your mouse over the image for a view of this area today.


A shot down Bradley Avenue with the remaining flats in the background.


A modern view of Bradley Avenue




Cheadle Avenue


A view of Cheadle Avenue where it joins Bradley Avenue.


The end of Cheadle Avenue as it joins Kingsley Avenue opposite Kersal Way.


An image of Cheadle Avenue which neatly sums up all the problems facing Kersal in 2008.




Grindon Avenue

The junction of Grindon Avenue and Littleton Road.Picture by Eddie Smith


A view of Grindon in the 1980s. You can see Oaklands Halls of residence on the hills at the back and some of the flats to the top right. If you roll your mouse over the image you can see the same spot some 30 or so years later on the 21st July 2014.


A view of the avenue from the opposite end in February 2008.


A recent picture of Grindon Avenue.



Northallerton Road


Northallerton Road which contains Lower Kersal Primary School in February 2008.