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Kingsley Avenue

A view along Kingsley Avenue, May 2006.


A view across the houses in Kingsley Avenue in February 1974


A view down Kingsley Avenue from the South Radford Street end in February 2008.


A view of Kingsley Avenue in 1987


The roundabout on Kingsley Avenue in 2005. A trouble spot and a magnet for motorbike riders. Thus it was rather cleverly turned into a park.


A view of the roundabout/park. Note the delightfully boarded up house behind it.


A final contemporary view of Kingsley Avenue from the Rushley Avenue end.


Another modern view of Kingsley Avenue.




Hurdlow Avenue


A view down Hurdlow Avenue in February 2008


A picture taken by Pauline Gilibrand on the 12th October 2008.



Stanton Avenue

An aerial view of Stanton Avenue in May 2006


The ginnel leading from Littleton Road to Stanton Avenue.


The top end of the Avenue where I used to play with the Singh family in the mid 1970s.


A view along the length of Stanton Avenue pointing away from the flats.

A contemporary shot of the lower part of the Avenue leading towards Kingsley Avenue. Note the ginnel that lead from Kingsley into Kersal Way has been blocked off.


A contemporary view of Stanton Avenue



Alsop Avenue


A modern view of Alsop Avenue