The Flats Today 7


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A little further into Kersal Way which is still blocked off to traffic etc (2007)


A view across Kersal Way towards Kingsley Avenue and where the Castle Pub once stood. You can see the scale of the fly tipping in 2009.


A view where Cowper, Blake and Burns House once stood in a straight line leading down towards the shops. Now just a waste land in 2008.


The view from the area of the old park back across Kersal Way in 2009.


Another view of the park area on the 7th March 2015.


The area in which Milton House used to stand viewed from the top of Spencer House in March 2009.


A view from where Burns House would once have stood towards Spencer and the park and shops would have been to the right (2008).


A view of the two remaining flats from the old park (2008)


A similar view from the 6th August 2014


A view from the top of Spencer facing South Radford Street in 2009.


A shot taken in February 2008 across the area where the old park and shops would have been

A view along Kersal Way in 2009. You can see Spencer House to the left and nothing to the right.


A view of the remaining flats from the Racecourse in 2009 by Fontilan.


A forlorn picture of the remaining flats taken from the Racecourse.