The Flats Today 6


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The entry to Kersal Way from South Radford Street in February 2008.


A contemporary (2008) view along the old path that used to be paved and ran between Burns House and Blake.


The foundations for the old clinic on Kersal Way (2008) are still there such is the shoddy job that the developers did in the early 1990s.


A view of the flats from the Irwell end of the estate near Rushley Avenue (2008).


The road at the side of the new swimming pool etc is the road that used to lead into Milton House (2008).


A picture of the remaining flats taken in the 1990s with a stunning rainbow in the background by Eddie Smith.


The site of the old football pitch which stood between Burns House and the back of the houses on Kingsley Avenue (2008). The scene of many a 27 aside game!


The car park between Shelley and Spencer (2008) where Shakespeare House once stood. This shows how tightly packed together the flats were.


A view from the site of the old shops back across Kersal Way in February 2008. The length of the grass shows the neglect of the area.


A view of the Irwell and the bottom half of Kersal Way in 2008.


A contemporary view of Kersal Way, the park and the site of Milton House (2008).


The entry to Kersal Way from Kingsley Avenue (2008). This picture clearly shows how much the entire area has deteriorated.