The Flats Today 5


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A view from across the Irwell in February 2008


A picture of the "new" houses built where Browning, Chaucer and Keats once stood. The picture was taken from the roof of Spencer House (2008).


The two remaining flats from Littleton Road playing fields. They provide a sad reminder of what was once there (2008).


A shot of the surviving flats through the trees on the opposite bank of the Irwell (2008).


A close up view of Shelley House. You can see how close the "new" houses were built to the old flat (2008).


A ground level shot up towards the top of Spencer House (2008).


A balcony on the 10th floor of Shelley House looking towards Spencer House (2008).


A picture of one of the remaining flats taken from Kersal Dale (2008).


A picture of the remaining flats taken from the Irwell trail at the other side of the Racecourse by Eddie Smith


A series of pictures showing how the Kersal Way estate is being reclaimed by nature. All taken in February 2008.