The Flats Today 4

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Two photos from Spencer House looking towards Shelley House (2007). The area where Shakespeare House once stood is now a car park. You can see that the bottom of the flats have been bricked in, and the houses beyond Shelley where John Bacon Court used to stand.

Another shot towards Shelley House which shows how green the area is now (2007).

A view across Kersal Way (2007). You can see the intersection between Kersal Way and Kingsley Avenue in the top left corner. The leisure centre stands where Browning House once stood. And a closer view of it below.



The leisure centre on the 7th March 2015.


A picture of the remaining flats from the Racecourse by Eddie Smith.


Another shot from across the Racecourse.


The spot where the old Castle Pub stood until the early 1990s. Taken in 2008


A shot from the same area but pointing in the oppsote direction on the 6th August 2014.


A contemporary view from Shelley House towards Spencer House (2008).


A black and white winter image of the bend in Kersal Way looking towards the park (February 2008).


A low level picture of the surviving flats from the road block on Kersal Way (2008).