The Flats 3

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A shot of where Milton House would have stood and the site where the old park would have been beyond it (2008).


A view of the remaining flats (Shelley and Spencer House) from the area just beyond South Radford street on Kersal Dale (2007) by Eddie Smith.

A view from the junction between South Radford Street and Kersal Way. The two remaining flats are joined by new housing (2007) by Eddie Smith.


A view of Shelley House from within the new housing areas (2007) by Eddie Smith


A view of Spencer House (now Peninsula House) looking down from near Shelley House (now Tilehurst Court) in December 2007.


The lodge at the bottom of Peninsula House (previously Spencer House) (2007 as are all the pictures below).

The lodge at the entry to Spencer House (Peninsula Court). It is hoped that the intercoms outside the door are not the original ones!


Another image of the lodge


A view of the lift which is clearly new and not one of the original lifts.



The 6th floor landing.


Another view of the landing which has clearly been seriously remodelled. The landings were much bigger in the original design.


Another view of the landing which clearly shows the changed layout.


A view inside a flat in Spencer House looking back towards Shelley House.