The Flats Today 12

The final panoramic pictures of Kersal Way .

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Another panoramic shot of the bend in Kersal Way pointing towards Spencer House (February 2008).




A colour panoramic view of Kersal Way in March 2009.


A colour view from Spencer House towards Shelley House in 2009.


A view from the top of Spencer House towards the racecourse in 2009.


A shot of Kersal Way from the roof of Spencer House (2008)



A wide view of the Kersal Bridge, the Irwell, and the Racecouse (2008).



A picture which captures a view from the Kersal Bridge taking in the remaining flats right across the Irwell to the Racecourse (2008).



A colour wide angled shot of the whole of Kersal Way from the Irwell to South Radford Street (2008). The pictures shows the "new" house at the top of the estated and the swimmin pool building which stands where Johnson House once stood.If you look carefully you can see the remains of old paths across the estate.