The Flats Today 11

Some more panoramic pictures of the flats as they are in 2008.

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A colour panoramic image of Kersal Way from the Irwell end of the estate (2008)



A wide view down towards where the shops would once have stood (2008)


A wide angled panorama of the Kersal Way estate (2008).



The Irwell end of Kersal Way with a light covering of snow (2008).



A view of the hill towards Oaklands Road from the 10th Floor of Shelley House (2008).



A wide view from Shelley House covering Kersal Dale, and Spencer House (2008).



A black and white panorama of Kersal Way from the top of Spencer House (2008).



A wide view covering all the way from the centre of Kersal Way right across to the Kersal Bridge. In the foreground is the area where the shops and park used to stand (2008).



A wide angled view from the Kersal Bridge (2008).