The Castle


A series of pictures devoted to the Castle Public House on Kersal Flats.

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Harold Foster the landlord of the Castle Pub proclaiming that the pub will live on.

Salford City Reporter 25/10/1990 Click on the newspaper cutting for a larger image.

The Castle was opend in 1971 by Sir Jimmy Saville. It seemed to survive the demolition of Kersal Flats but when did it close?

According the history of Salford Pubs by Neil Richardson The Castle closed in 1994. Click on the extract below to open up a larger copy.



The Castle in the mid 1970s. Can you name anyone from this picture?


A view of the Castle Pub in the 1970s.


Bob and Carole Morrall who ran the Castle pub in the mid 1970s.


Playing pool in the Castle were (from left to right) Malcolm Locket, Kevin Smyth, Phil Rowbottom, Barry Rowbottom and Steve Beach. At the back at the bar you can just see Derek Wilson


Margaret, Norma, Jean and Harry Radford enjoying themselves in the Castle in 1973. A great slice of Kersal life in the 1970s.


Peggy Pickup, Rita Appleton, Margret Radford, Harry Radford, Jean Radford and Norma Radford in the Castle in 1973 after Janet's wedding.


A great photo inside the vault of the Castle Pub. In this picture from left to right are Mary Benentt, Madge Cosgrove, Chris Annesley, Joyce Mathews and Billy Gorton. The gentleman in the back wearing the hat is Jack Hogan.


Jane Hankison (standing), Tina Sheffield and the late Leslie Moore in the Castle pub in 1979


Elaine Pavitt, Sandra Young, Neil Parker and Tina Sheffield in the Castle pub in 1979.


Beryle Hawke, Maggie, Sheila, Maggie Sheffield in January 1976.


Unknown, Beryl Hawk, Mrs Land & Flo Jolly in July in the mid to late 1970s.


Pat (landlady of the Castle) and a baby. Sometime in the late 1970s.


Burt (landlord at the back) Paul and Mary in 1978.


Relief landlord, Heather and May Gemmell, and Frances (in glasses) 1979


Heather and May Gemmell, and the landlady and Carol Tharp in 1979 or 1980.


Heather, Iris, Paul and Mary 1979 or 1980.


Vonda York, Debbie Swindells, Julie Bolland, May Gemmell, Pat York on a Saturday afternoon in the Castle in 1980.


Julie Bolland, Ann Davies, Mary Gemmell, Vonday York and Pat York in 1980


May Gemmell & Elsie Conway (sisters) in the Castle on the the day flats came 14th October 1990.