The Racecourse Hotel

A series of pictures taken at a small get together of ex-residents of Kersal Flats on the 12th March 2009 at the Racecourse Hotel


From left to right Shane Sullivan, Christine Crook, Gary Turner, Tony Cook, Ken Smith, Harry Davies, Tony Singh. and Mark Green




Ken Smith, Tony Singh and Shane Sullivan. We look almost as good as we did when playing football on the flats in the mid 1970s.


Ken Smith, Tony Cook, Tony Singh, Shane Sullivan and Harry Davies.


Shane Sullivan as a rose between two thorns. Sue Hesford on the left and Christine Cook on the right


Ken Smith, Tony Singh, and Shane Sullivan discuss how time has changed them and the area.


In the pictures above and below are Ken Smith, Shane Sullivan, Tony Singh, Sue Hesford, Tony Cook, Harry Davies and Christine Crook