Salford Bus Museum

A series of pictures taken on the 11th March 2009 at the Salford Bus Museum where Harry Davies, Shane Sullivan, and Tony Cook looked at the buses which serviced Kersal in the 1970s.


An old picture of a bus on Littleton Road which serviced the area until the early to mid 1970s.




This bus was then replaced by this


Shane Sullivan, Tony Cook and Harry Davies.


Below Harry re-enacts two traditional Kersal Bus games that the kids used to play.


The first game was hanging onto the pole as the bus drove at high speed. Harry did this as a child which explains why he looks like this.

The second game involves holding onto a moving bus, and watching the sparks fly of the skegs on the bottom of your shoes. Harry did this as a child and this explains why he is so short!


The open back of the bus where passengers would hop aboard. Often we would run after the bus and jump on as it was moving by grabbing the pole.


The inside of the bus downstairs which brings back so many memories.


Tony, Harry and Shane on the number 14 to Lower Kersal. The bus is rather small and dangerous by modern standards.


The driver's compartment which shows how old and basic the buses were.


A seriously small and tight set of stairs lead up to the top deck.


Tony and Harry show that they are still just able to get up the stairs.


A shot of the upstairs. You will note that all the seats have a rough pad on the back of them for striking matches.


Tony Cook and Harry Davies sitting at the front of a number 14 on the top deck