Racecourse 4


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The City of Salford part



A picture taken from the Oaklands Road area in the mid 1970s showing Kersal Dale and the site of the old Racecourse over the River Irwell. The small isolated circle of trees on the Racecourse was known by local children as "stickybob island." This was due to the presence of small buds nicknamed stickybobs because they stuck to people when thrown at them.


The Racecourse in 1969.


A contemporary photograph of "stickybob island" looking rather forlorn and thin in winter in 2007.


A closer view of the same area in 2007.


A final shot of "stickybob island" with the flats in the background.


A view of the City of Salford part and the large number of football goalposts in October 1987.


The last remaining goalposts on the Racecourse on the 7th September 2009.


A poignant reminder of what was once here. This is where once lots of goal posts were placed. This is the last sad reminder of the place and the fact that nobody plays here anymore. On the 25th May 2013.


Some final reminders of the old Racecourse

A record of the winners of the Manchester Cup which still stands in the Racecourse including details that the last winner was the famous Lester Piggott in 1963. The Racecourse pub closed on the 29th May 2013.


The Racecourse signs still at Cromwell roundabout in 1986 some 23 years after the Racecourse closed.


A final reminder of the racecourse. A faded poster is still attached to the wall near Cromwell roundabout in 2009 some 46 years after the Racecourse closed..