Racecourse 3


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In 1973 Salford University bought most of the Racecourse for £43,000. Thus the Racecourse was split into two. The largest part being devoted to Castle Irwell student village and the northern portion was developed as playing fields. The fence lined wth bushes in the top part of the picture denotes the dividing line between the two.


The University part


An architect's model of the Castle Irwell Campus to be built in the early to mid 1970s.


The student's sports pavillion in the 1970s.


Students playing rugby at Castle Irwell in the 1970s. In the background you can see the special needs school on Oaklands Road, the Oaklands Road halls of residence and Keats Court.


A view across the campus in the 1980s with Salford beyond it.


A view across the Racecourse towards Kersal Flats in the 1980s. You can just see Kersal footbridge in the background.


The following are five pictures of the Castle Irwell student village in the 1980s. If you roll your mouse over all but the second image you can see the same spot some 30 years or so later on the 7th July 2014.










A view towards some of the halls of residence in the 1980s. In the background you can see the cooling towers at Agecroft Power station,


A view across the racecourse in the 1980s. In the background you can see the Racecourse Hotel.


A closer view of the Castle Irwell campus in the 1980s.


The following are two pictures of the Pavillion (the "Pav") on Castle Irwell Campus taken on the 7th July 2014.



The following three pictures are views across Castle Irwell campus towards the remaining Kersal Flats taken on the 7th July 2014.



An aerial view of the Racecourse in May 2006.


Another aerial view of the Racecourse in May 2006.


Another contemporary aerial view of the Racecourse.


A view of the Racecourse and the Manchester skyline beyond taken from the roof of Spencer House on the 28th July 2011.



A 2014 aerial view of Castle Irwell campus from the City of Salford end looking towards the Cliff training ground (left) and the main University buildings. Thanks to Stephen Cahill.