Racecourse 2


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An aerial shot of the course in 1946. On the right you can just see the Racecourse pub and Lower Kersal School.


Some people watch the races for free from Kersal Dale near Vine Street also in 1946


The outside of one of the Racecourse Buildings in 1946


The inside of the Racecourse in 1946.


The racecourse in 1950.


A picture of the races on the Racecourse in the 1950s.


The Racecourse sometime in the 1950s.


Again in the 1950s


A picture of a race at the Racecourse some time in the 1950s. In the background you can see Rushley Avenue and the distintive look of the cooling towers at Agecroft power station


A view of the racecourse in 1956 from the Vine Street end of Kersal Dale.


An undated image of the Racecourse from Kersal Dale near Vine Street.


A picture of the old Racecourse dated the 23rd April 1958


The racecourse in 1962.


An overvew of the racecourse with Kersal Flats in the top left picture some time in the early 1960s.


This time an overhead shot taken from a long way up some time in the early 1960s. You can just see Kersal Flats in the bottom right of the picture.


An undated image take on Seaford Road with the Racecourse at the rear and the Salford Greyhound Track to the right.


The Racecourse stables in 1963.


The last ever race day at the Castle Irwell Racecourse 9th November 1963 and the price of entry was four shillings. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot 46 years later in 2009.


The horses in action on the last day of racing




The empty stand after the last day of racing.


The last parade of the Salford Specials at the Racecourse in 1968.



The former turnstyles in 1989 and if roll your mouse over the image you can see the same spot 23 years later in 2012.