Personal Pictures 6


This page contains a series of fine slices of Kersal history kindly submitted by Paul Bird. If you recognise anyone on the photos let me know.

If you would like to submit any pictures email

Allison Bird sometime in the late 1970s at 98 Shakespeare House watching (what appears to be ) Space 1999 on a black and white TV. My gran had a TV which was very similar. I recall when it was switched on it had a small white dot in the middle of the screen which appeared until the TV had warmed up and then began. Even as I type that I feel very old! Note the box to the side of the TV which appears to be Pong! A great slice of 1970s Kersal Life!


Lesley Randle (mother of Paul, Christopher and Allison Bird) on the verandah of Shakespeare House in 1967.


Another picture of Lesley Randle enjoying the views from Shakespeare House


Allison Bird in the kitchen following a recipe in the late 1970s


Allison Bird, this time with her grandmother Grace Randle in a festive picture in the mid 1970s.

A wonderful slice of Kersal Life with Lesley Randle on the right.


Lesley Randle in 1967 on the verandah of Shakespeare House.

Here again on the verandah but somewhat earlier.


A very happy looking Allison Bird on the verandah in 1978. Notice that she is holding a liquorice pipe, and what appears to be Chewits.


A much younger Allison Bird in a high chair in the early 1970s.


A very happy looking Allison and Paul Bird in Kersal sometime in the early 1980s.