Personal Pictures 4

A series of personal pictures submitted by Harry Davies of the Davies family of Mackenzie Road.

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Joe Davies (brother of Harry Davies) at the Seaford Road dog track 1962 with a greyhound (Bulgaden Cutlet) owned by Johnny Lancashire who used to own the off licence on Littleton road


A picture of the dog track over the road from the racecourse.

Lenny Davies, Joe Davies, Peter Dawson (in the background), Mike Davies and Harry Davies and the dog Trixy who killed over 100 rats and got herself and the Davies family in the Salford City Reporter.

The Silver Jubilee celebrations in McKenzie Street in 1977.


Harry Davies in 1964. The picture was taken outside the petrol station on Littleton Road that used to be over the road from the Racecourse Pub. Some may recognise the old St. Aidans vicarage. Roll your mouse over the image to see Harry standing in the same spot in March 2009 (45 years later) and notice that he is not much taller!


Harry Davies being held by Ruth Davies and Lenny Davies is to the right. The picture was taken outside the Kersal Club (at the top of Mackenzie Road) in 1963. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot 46 years later in March 2009


Harry Davies, Peter Davies and Mike Davies on Whitsun in 1964 outside St. Aidans Church. In the background the sea cadets are getting off the sharrabang


Margaret Croft the grandmother of Harry Davies.


Paul Parkes and Harry Davies on the Kersal Allotments in the late 1960s.


Mike Davies working hard. In the background you can see Hannover Court and the Cliff training ground.


Joe Davies showing Mike Davies how to use the gardening tools again in the late 1960s.