Personal Pictures 33

A series of personal pictures submitted by Paul Collins.

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A cracking slice of 1970s kersal life. Two mates (Allen Bellamy and Mike Collins) on their Chopper bikes on Kingsley Avenue in 1974.


Helen Collins, Pete Collins and Annie Emily Collins on Kingsley Avenue in 1970. Behind them at the bottom of the street you can see the old huts off Rushley Avenue used for cubs etc. Pete Collins ran the Castle football team


Pete and Annie Collins in their garden at 57 Stanton Avenue 1973 with Keats Court in the background.


Pete Collins and his grandaughter Angela in 1975.


The Collins house ready for the Silver Jubilee in 1977 with Mike Collins in the background.

Paul Collins on the morning of the Whit Walk on Kingsley Avenue.


A young looking Mike Collins.


The Collins family on a day out in 1962 in their Morris Oxford registration OVJ 222. The cool car in the background is a Ford Consul classic owned Mr. Bottomley. The people (from left to right) are Annie Collins, Helen Collins, Paul Collins and Pete Collins.


And more of the Collins family


A very cold looking shot of Kingsley Avenue.


Pete Collins complete with hair and moustache in the 1980s.

How many friends can you get into a small car in the 1980s? This Peugot belonged to Val Mire of Stan. The boys are Eddie Miller, Mark Mille, Steven law and Mike Barrow.


Two small children play in front of John Bacon Court in August 1983.


Again at the bottom of John Bacon Court close to the entry to Kersal Dale.