Personal Pictures 31


These pictures were donated by Beryl Hawke of 109 Chaucer Court from 1960-1977. They provide a nice glimpse of Kersal life in the 1970s and 1980s.

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Barbara Birtles, Jacqueline Birtles and Damie Hawke outside number 11 Chaucer about 1973


Damien Hawke playing on the hill opposite Chaucer Court on the 30th March 1974. This area is now covered in trees.


Damien Hawke playing in the living room of 9 Chaucer Court in 1973. Note the wall paper, the curtains and the TV.


Beryl Hawke in 1975 outside Chaucer Court filling up a paddling pool for her son. Her neighbour David Appleton tried to put her in the paddling pool, she threw water on him. They both slipped and Beryl broke her wrist. And yet nobody was sued for this accident.. Happy days!


Rory, Gary, and Jamie Thomson on the balcont of 43 Milton House in 1978. Dig those groovy 70s threads.


Jamie Thomson on the balcony of 43 Milton House in 1973. Note the wooden clothes maiden.


Beryl and Damien Hawke outside 11 Chaucer Court in 1973

Tez Gemmell, and Damiel Hawker in the back garden at Matlock Avenue.


This was taken in 1989 outside Elsie Conways backdoor and in the picture are some from the Gemmell family, some from the Conway family and others.