Personal Pictures 3

A series of personal pictures submitted by Tony Cook.

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Tony Cook in his pram in 1964 pushed by his nana and accompanied by his mum. They are justing walking past Spencer House towards the park. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot 45 years later in 2009.


Here again in 1964 on a balcony on Jonson house held by his dad and his mum on the right.


This time held by his mum at the bottom of Jonson House.

Tony Cook on his balcony in Jonson House circa 1965.


Posing with Spencer House in the background in the late 1960s are Mike Whitehead, Alison Cook (in the pram) and Tony Cook.

Tony Cook on John Bacon Court.



Tony in full action mode on the roundabout on the park in the late 1960s. Roll your mouse over the image to show the same spot in 2009.

A picture taken at Lower Kersal School at the end of the 1960s or early 1970s. On the left is Paul Murphy and second left is Tony Cook. Do you recognise anyone else?


A view down Stanton Avenue towards the flats.


The following pictures submitted by Tony Cook were all taken during the Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977.


A cracking shot on the grass in front of John Bacon Court. The tall girl on the left is Tina Willis. The little lad kneeling at the front is Paul Wood, and the girl and boy standing immediately behind him are Vicky, and Anthony Fallows. Behind Anthony (second from the right) is Tony Cook. On the far right is Gary Davies, and in the centre at the back is David Traynor. Can anybody recognise anybody else?


Again in front of John Bacon Court but this time facing the Dale. On the back row are Ernie Christian, Neil Statham, Darren Gordon, Lesley Ferris, Jacqueline. On the front row are Alison Cook (far left), and Paul Woods in the middle. Can you name anyone else?



Again in between John Bacon Court and Shelley House (on the right). In the back row are Dave Cook, Julie Christine Cooney, and Robert Wood. Also in the picture are Maris Wade (far left in the middle row) and Steve Love (far right of the middle row). Do you recognise anyone else?

A colour shot up against John Bacon Court