Personal Pictures 29


These pictures were donated by Wendy Whittaker-Carmody of 31 Browning House and they provide a great glimpse of Kersal life in the 1960s to the 1980s.

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Mark Whittaker and Tony Cook at Lower Kersal Primary School.


Mark Whittaker in 1970 looking rather cherubic as he uses his colouring book. Note the Pippin Annual on the sofa. This was abook produced at Christmas featuring comic strips of BBC childrens TV characters such as Bill and Ben, Mr Benn, Chigley, Trumpton and Mary, Mungo and Midge.


Mark Whittaker playing darts in his flat in 1970.


Wendy Whittaker celebrating her rounders in for Lower Kersal Primary School in 1970.


Mark Whittaker at Kersal High open day.


Rob Whittaker 1972/3 the Kersal Flats version of David Essex. Here in pyjamas (or a shirt) in the flat on Browning House. Note the wallpaper and the large wall plate.


Rob Whittaker 1972/3 getting down and groovy and deciding to listen to music on his own. Note the now "antique" stereogram and those earphones! So cool and hi-tech at the time


Rob Whittaker 1972/3. Chris Whittaker having returned from holiday and having brought home the obligatory donkey. No 1970s holiday was complete without one.