Personal Pictures 28


These pictures were donated by Wendy Whittaker-Carmody of 31 Browning House and they provide a great glimpse of Kersal life in the 1960s to the 1980s.

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Florris Walpole and Betty Whittaker in the kitchen in the late 1960s. This is a superb piece of Kersal life and wonderfully captures a piece of social history. A picture which is on a par with anything that the wonderful Shirley Baker produced.


Bob Whittaker on the balcony of the flat in 1970.


Betty Whittaker shows off the first colour TV that they had in the early 1970s


Mark Whittaker in 1971 shows off his new Whit Sunday clothes next to the tv. Note the groovy 70s wallpaper and the now defunct practice of putting ornaments etc on top of the TV.


Chris enjoying a drink and a ciggie and Mark Whitakker at 31 Browning House in 1970.


t the Kersal club in the early 1970s are (left to right) Vinny Birtwhistle, Jimmy Walpole, Bob Whittaker all deceased and on the end Roy Bagshaw who is fortunately still with us.


After a night at the Kersal Club in the eaerly 1970s a good time was had in the Wick's. Note the picture of the crying boy on the wall which seemed to be compulsory for every home in that period.


Betty and Wendy Whittaker in 31 Browning House in 1972/3 having just had their hair cut by Rob Whittaker who was a hairdresser at Ruperts in Manchester.


Chris Whittaker and her mother Betty getting down and playing some groovy tunes in 1970.


Linda Dawson , Liz Higgin and Chris Whittaker on a night out in 1971.


Shirley Sheffield, Julie Howe and Wendy Whittaker having fun at 31 Browning House in 1973/4. I am loving the hair cuts and those huge collars.