Personal Pictures 27


These pictures were donated by Liam Mallon of 103 Milton House 1973-1983 provide a great glimpse of Kersal life in the 1970s to the early 1980s

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A view of the flats in 1976 taken from near Burns House. In the foreground is a seriously cool car and a great view across the flats in the background.


A great picture taken on the 28th August 1982 outside the Kersal Youth club which was built on the park. In the picture (left from right) are Gemma Whiteley, Jeanette Hall, Liam's Uncle Brendan, Liam Mallon, James Whiteley, and Lee Skeffington. In the front is Mike Skeffington.


Liam Mallon on Cromwell roundabout in 1975


Geraldine Mallon on Littleton Road in early 1974. You can see the Agecroft Cooling towers in the background.


The following pictures are from the Kersal Flats celebrations in 1981 to mark the wedding of Charles and Diana.


Claire Mallon and co.Can you name anyone else in the picture?


More of the celebrations. Can you name anyone?


Paddy and Claire Mallon in front of Johnson House.


Christine Mallon aged 12 years. Can you name anyone else?