Personal Pictures 26


These pictures were donated by Liam Mallon of 103 Milton House 1973-1983 provide a great glimpse of Kersal life in the 1970s to the early 1980s

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Geraldine and Christine Mallon enjoying the slide on Kersal Flats in 1976.


Claire Mallon and her daughter Geraldine (aged 8) on the verandah of Milton House.


Claire Mallon on the verandah of 103 Milton House.

Paddy Mallon on the balcony of 103 Milton House on the 18th April 1982


Geraldine, Christine and Liam Mallon on the hill at the back of the park in 1982


Liam Mallon in full action style on a Tarzan swing on Kersal Dale in 1982

Christine Mallon aged 8 on Kersal Footbridge in 1976.


A picture of Kersal park and the footbridge take in 1976 from the kitchen windown of 103 Milton House.