Personal Pictures 21

These pictures are all of St. Aidan's Whit Walk in the 1960s

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A view of the walkers on the flats with the clinic in the bachground and we can see Johnson House and Spencer beyond. Alan Bellamy is the boy in red shorts and the boy in black shorts to the left of the basket is Graham Smethurst. The girls carrying the basket are from left to right Gaynor Thomas, Angela Bailey and Tracy O'Dell. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot today.


And the walk is now on Littleton Road. It is amazing to think that the girls in these pictures will now be 50 years old or so.


Here again on Littleton Road at the end near the Racecourse etc.


At St. Aidan's church on the old gravel path that lead to the Youth Club.


And again on at the same spot.

And a picture of the band also on the gravel path


This time some older walkers striding down Littleton Road in some very 1960s looking clothing. Again it is bizarre to think that these people will older than 55years of age now.


A final picture of the younger walkers on Littleton Road.




The following two pictures are from the St. Aidans Whit Walks in 1963 and were submitted by Lesley.