Personal Pictures 20

A series of personal pictures submitted by Jan Williams Lambden.

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Jan Williams celebrating her 21st Birthday in 1977. Pictures here are Chris, Paul, Jan and Steve.


The 21st birthday celebrations continue in the Kersal Club with mum (Audrey) and Alex Williams.


Audrey Williams, Aunt Cindy, Kath, and Nelly (grandmother) in the Kersal Club for Jan's 21 in 1977.


Sue Savage (19 Monsall Avenue), Alice McEvoy (23 Monsall Avenue), and Jean Savage at wedding reception of Jan Williams in 1978 at Mitre Hotel in Manchester.


Karen Williams (green dress), Audrey Willams, Billy Williams, and Elaine Savage (red dress) at 25 Monsal Avenue in 1976


The wedding of Jan Williams in 1978


The wedding of Jan Williams in 1978


Audrey Williams and John (stepfather) after the christening of Peter Williams in 1981 at 21 Cheadle Avenue (the home of Syd and Edna Omesher).


Another photo of the christening

Peter Williams playing on Littleton Road playing fields in the mid 1980s


And more of Peter Williams

And more of Peter Williams