Personal Pictures 2

A series of personal pictures submitted by Jamie McAlpine.

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A great slice of mid 1970s Kersal life. Jamie McAlpine and another are larking around on top of the garages at the bottom of Jonson House. In the background children play football including yours truly.


Talc McAlpine when still just a baby at 21 Jonson House with Milton House in the background.


Alec McAlpine and James McAlpine in the early 1970s. Note the very busy park in the background.

Paul Cotgrave, Alec McAlpine (with bottle and fingers), Jackie Angus and Jamie McAlpine cat wrestling at the front. Note the stereo system, the carpet sweeper in the corner, and a print on the wall that was in so many homes in the 1970s.


Stellaw Rawson and Wendy Whitaker on the balcony of 21 Jonson House sometime in the 1970s. Dig those crazy collars and groovy knitware!

Alec McAlpine (standing) and Jamie McAlpine being held by Ann Harding the world's bravest babysitter sometime in the early 1970s. Note the park in the backgorund and the young girl at the bottom of Milton carrying a heavy load.


Talc McAlpine, June McAlpine and Karen Lang at the bottom of Jonson House on a sunny day in the mid 1970s