Personal Pictures 16

A series of personal pictures submitted by Paul Collins.

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The Collins family at 57 Stanton Avenue in 1965. (Back) Peter, Annie, Mike, Father, (front) Paul , Ann and Sheila.

57 Stanton Avenue in 1976 with Debbie, Ann Collins and Mike Collins.


Mike Collins and Eddie in 1984 at 57 Stanton Avenue who built rafts with Paul Collins and sailed them from the start of the Irwell to the Manchester Ship Canal to raise money for the Booth Hall Children's Hospital scanner appeal.

A more sophisticated raft which is seen here at 57 Stanton Avenue which was used to sail and stay on Loch Ness for two weeks and which raised 160,000 pounds!!


Paul Collins rebuilding a Ford Zodiac Mark II at 57 Stanton Avenue in 1975.

A frozen caravan in Stanton Avenue.


The following are five pictures of Paul Collins and co larking around on the Kersal Footbridge in 1987








Paul Collins on top of one of the flats just weeks before demolition in 1990.