Personal Pictures 15

A series of personal pictures taken whilst living on Kersal Flats which have been submitted by various users.

If you would like to submit any pictures email


Pauline Gillibrand (at the back) with children Paula Robinson and Carol Ann Shaw in the back garden of 11 Cheadle Avenue in 1978


Paul Gillibrand, Paula Robinson, Carol Ann Shaw and Pauline Gillibrand in the back garden of 11 Cheadle Avenue in 1980.


Pauline Gillibrand holding Mike Gillibrand in the front Garden of 23 Cheadle Avenue in 1982


Pauline Gillibrand in full action style chasing Debbie Philbin and Mike Gillibrand at 23 Cheadle Avenue in 1983



Katrina Waring at Kersal High School in 1976




Mr Clifford O'Neill at Kersal High School in 1976 submitted by Joyce Copeland


The first year form class of Mr O'Neil in 1976 of which Joyce Copeland was the prefect. Can you name anyone in this class?



A picture from Brian Barlow of Littleton Road Fields and the flats beyond in 1985.

A picture of the famous racehorse Red Rum at the rear of the Kersal Sports Pavillion on Littleton Road Fields in 1987.



Jane Hankison (standing), Tina Sheffield and the late Leslie Moore in the Castle pub in 1979

Elaine Pavitt, Sandra Young, Neil Parker and Tina Sheffield in the Castle pub in 1979.