Personal Pictures 13

A series of personal pictures submitted by Harry Davies of the Davies family of Mackenzie Road.

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Tony Bannister in front of old truck outside lower kersal school


Trixy, Joe Davies and Peter Dawson and in the background the old St Aidan's Church


Joes Davies at the back of Tony's house on Northallerton Road.

Tony Bannister at the back of his house on Northallerton Road.


A member of the Lower Kersal Football Club receives a quiet word from the referee on Littleton Road sometime in the late 1970s. The cooling towers are on display in the background as is the old Sports Pavillion


An action short from the same match. You can see the flats clearly in the background.


A photo take in the late 1970s on Inces Field with Western Oil Seals in the background. From left to right they are John Cullen, Johnathan Ball (aka Peanut), Russell Ball, Wanga (hiding), Steve Cullen and Paul Hopwood.


John Davies (uniform), Maureen, Eddie, Ruth, and Margaret at the wedding of John and Maureen inĀ 1960

The wedding of John Davies ( a Royal Marine) at St. Benedict's on Cavendish in 1960.


John and Maureen leaving the wedding.


Maureen getting on a steam train to go on their honeymoon.


A couple of pictures of the first beer delivery to the Kersal Club after it had opened a new extension. Submitted by Mike Davies