Personal Pictures 12

A series of personal pictures taken whilst living on Kersal Flats which have been submitted by various users.

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Gary and Alan Turner on the Verandah of 92 Burns House in 1974. You can see the typical washing line to their side, in the background the University over the irwell, and above them the concrete of the verandah above. A great slice of 1970s life on Kersal Flats!






A picture of the Radford family taken presumably sometime in the 1960s. The picture was taken in the garden of 5 Kingsley Avenue with Keats Court in the backgound. In the picture are Jean Radford (mother in the background). The children are unnamed, Janet, Anne, Kathryn and Margaret Radford.


Another picture of Jean Radford in garden of 5 Shirley Avenue with Keats Court behind.


Margaret, Norma, Jean and Harry Radford enjoying themselves in the Castle in 1973. A great slice of Kersal life in the 1970s.


Peggy Pickup, Rita Appleton, Margret Radford, Harry Radford, Jean Radford and Norma Radford in the Castle in 1973 after Janet's wedding.


A rather mucky Barry Radford and Anthony Morris at 81 Blake House in 1975



A picture of Dennis and Ged Whiteley taken in 1969-1970. This was probably taken at Whitsun. In the background we can see Blakes House to the left, and Cowper and the clinic to the right.




A picture of Craig Barrington taken in 1979 behind the shops on the path leading to Rushley Avenue. In the background we can see both sets of shops and the garages at the back of the oldest row of shops. Of the flats Milton House is to the left, Spencer to the right and a glimpse of Shakespeare in the middle. You can just see the park and the slide. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in March 2009 some thirty years later


Susan Owens in Calton Avenue in 1959.


Some of the Barringtons on the Red Path looking down towards Kersal Flats.


Craig Barrington and his sister Laura in their flat on John Bacon Court during Christmas in 1981.


The Kersal Festival moving down Oaklands Road in the early 1990s.


Lower Kersal Colonnades at the Kersal Festival Parade on Oaklands Road in the early 1990s


Charlestown Youth Club float at the Kersal Festival Parade on Oaklands Road in the early 1990s.

Red Rum at the Kersal Parade on Oaklands Road in the early 1990s



Another view of Red Rum on Oaklands Road thanks to Jimmy Clarke.



Two pictures from the wedding of Carol and Mike Richardson in the Kersal Club on the 1st August 1970