Personal Pictures

A series of personal pictures submitted by myself Shane Sullivan taken whilst living on Kersal Flats

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A picture of myself (Shane) and my brother Mark on our sofa at 21 Milton House sometime between 1976-1978. I am sure that there has been a more distasteful sofa made somewhere but I would not want to see it!

Mark, myself and Dawn Sullivan visiting Santa who was based in the Huts on Rushley Avenue. This would have been taken between 1976-1978. I am not sure which is more offensive the jumpers or the trousers we were forced to wear!


Dawn, Mark and Myself with Santa Claus. This was probably about 1972 and I was a mere three years old or so. Yet again we have another creepy 1970s Santa and more identical clothes with my brother for hand me downs.


A photo of Mark Sullivan on Kersal Dale approximately 1972. You can see the obligatory camera part in the front and Hannover Court in the background.


Mark Sullivan, Me (Shane), and my sister Dawn on Blackpool beach circa 1974. Even at a young age I was a dapper dresser and would not be seen dead on a beach without a bow tie and a double breasted jacket!!


Me on a very crowded Blackpool beach. I am clearly contemplating the mysteries of life including why that man behind me seems to be unable to wear a tie properly whilst I have a dapper bow tie!

Me aged 6 or so in the annual Primary School photo. Clearly I had no choice in relation to my jumper or hair cut.


On the glamorous beach at Fleetwood in 1976. Me (Shane), Dawn Sullivan, Mark Sullivan and our cousin Jane in the yellow top.


Strange posing for a picture in the caravan we stayed in at the Cala Gran in Fleetwood. My brother Mark is showing his muscles, I am showing my elbow, Dawn is pulling a face, and Jane is attempting to do a glamour pose.


An all action picture in the Fleetwood outdoor pool in 1976. Myself and my brother Mark are wearing inflatable armbands and my sister Dawn bravely goes without them.


A wild ride on a Little Wheel on the Fleetwood Promenade. Mark is front left, me and my serious face are front right, and cousin Jane and sister Dawn are at the back. There is the obligatory finger over part of the picture which seemed to be the norm in the 70s.


Me entering the knobbly knees contest at the Cala Gran in Fleetwood 1976. The compere was nicknamed Snowball in those politically incorrect times.


Me again this time in the Mr Universe competition showing off my rippling seven year old physique. It is a mystery how I did not win.

A photo of my brother Mark (left) and myself. In the centre is my late Great Grandmother Mary Jane Lancaster. This was taken in 1977 at 45 Shelley House.