Newspaper Reports On Kersal Flats 1

A section on newspaper reports relating to Kersal Flats and the Kersal Area. This is a collection of the cuttings scattered about the site and hence can all be read in one place. Click the pictures to open up a larger view of them and then click that picture.


On the opening of the flats


The Salford Evening Chronicle on the 24th October 1956 on the decision to build Kersal Flats.


A report from the Salford City Reporter from the 12th August 1960 on the flats being completed ahead of time.


A report from the Salford City Reporter dated the 9th March 1962 on the opening of the flats by Hugh Gaitskell.


Another report from the same paper on the same day.



On the Problems with High Rise Flats and the Decisions to End Them.


The Salfor City Reporter on the dislike of high rise flats on the 26th May 1967.


The 3rd November 1967 and the decision not to build anymore high rise estates.

A report in the Salford City Reporter from the 5th March 1971 in whicn the Carter family of the 10th Flood of Blake House bemoan conditions in the flats.


The Salford City Reporter on the 4th February 1977 and the decision not to build any more high rise flats.


The Salford City Reporter details on the 18th Febriary 1977 the decision by the City of Salford to move all families with children under the age of 10 out of high rise flats. This was the beginning of the end for Kersal Flats.





Reports on Problematic Housing Improvements in 1972-3.


A report on the scheme to improve houses in the area from the Salford City Reporter 28th April 1972


And from the Manchester Evening News 13th March 1973.

And more news on the plan from the Salford City Reporter 16th March 1973


And concerns about how the scheme is going from the Salford City Reporter 23rd September 1973.



On the origins of the Kersal Festival


A newspaper report from the Salford City Reporter on the 6th June 1975 on the first Kersal Festival. Click on the image for a large version.




On the floods of 1980.


An early attempt to deal with the problem of floods caused by the swelling of the Irwell. Salford City Reporter 30/10/1970


A story on the floods and a picture of St. Aidan's Grove. Daily Mail 28/10/1980


Two stories including pictures of the flooding of Bannister Cowsill's shop.Manchester Evening News 28/10/1980


A story on the extent of the flood and community co-operation.Manchester Evenining News 28/10/1980

Another story on the flood in the national press.Daily Mirror 28/10/1980


Some stories and a picture of a car submerged at the bottom of Milton House.Manchester Evening News 31/10/1980


The front page with various pictures and stories,Salford City Reporter 31/10/1980


A story telling the rescuing of the animals at St.Aidan's vicarage and various pictures from Kersal. Salford City Reporter 31/10/1980.


A story indicating that the flood damage could have been avoided.Salford City Reporter 7/11/1980





A series of newspaper articles on the future of the flats before the demolition.


A plan from 1987 to turn the flats into student accommodation for Salford University. It failed because the government would not provide £5 million in grants but they did for the failed property development of the flats. From the Advertiser on the 26th November 1987


An earlier plan for the estate by the developers Regalian Properties. The original plan was to demloish only six of the flats. From the Salford City Reporter 20th October 1988.