Landmarks 9

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal



Agecroft Cooling Towers

A series of pictures which show how they dominated the landscape for miles around.


The Cooling Towers from Littleton Road playing field in the early 1980s. You can see Kersal Cells in the background and the old Sports Pavillion in the foreground.



Here is a view taken from Salford Precinct in 1974


The Cooling Towers as seen from the Duchy Estate.


A view of the cooling towers in 1985

A view of the cooling towers from Frederick Road which shows how much they dominated the landscape.Picture by Eddie Smith.



The Cooling Towers as seen from Castle Irwell campus in the early 1980s.



The Cooling Towers and Kersal Cells.


From Bolton Road in 1959


A snowy winter view from the Crescent in 1984. You can see the Cooling Towers to the rear and left.


Another shot showing how the towers dominated the landscape.

Agecroft Junction and the towers.



The Cooling Towers from Roman Road, Rainsough Brew in 1982. Thanks to John Munford.