Landmarks 5

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal



Agecroft Cooling Towers


Roll your mouse over the image to see this spot today.


The same spot in the 1950s.


A view of the Cooling Towers from the end of Littleton Road near Cussons.


A stunning black and white view of the cooling towers across Drinkwater Park.



A colour shot of the towers across Drinkwater Park in the 1980s. Picture by Eddie Smith.


A similar angle but at night and in black and white in the 1980s by Paul Collins.


Again in the 1980s.Picture by Eddie Smith.


Picture by Eddie Smith

The cooling towers seen from across Kersal Dale in the 1980s.


The cooling towers on the 11th August 1984.


The bottom of one of the towers in the 1980s by Paul Collins.


Two shots of the cooling towers and powerstation in 1962



The following pictures of the cooling towers were all taken in 1994 by Ian Lister.