Landmarks 29

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal.

This page is devoted to Salford Precinct


Salford Precinct

A picture of Walter Greenwood (Salford author of Love on the Dole) being interviewed near Salford Precinct on the 23rd January 1973

For more on Greenwood click here



An aerial shot of Salford Precinct from the side where Tesco is now.


Now an aerial view of the opposing side where the Police station is today.


Salford Precinct in 1971


A number 64 bus at Salford Precint in January 1977. Thanks to Ted Robinson.


Salford Precinct in June 1974. Thanks to Ted Robinson.


The 64 at the back of Salford Precinct where Tesco now stands.


A very early shot ofthe precinct when it was still quite new.


The number 92 bus heading back towards Lower Kersal at the side ofthe precinct in the 1970s.


A view of Salford Precinct from 1974.



Another view of Salford Precinct in 1974.



A view of the precinct from Longberry Avenue



Another shot of the same spot. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in 2012.


The Precinct in 1971


A view of the Precinct and Poplar Court in 1986.



Poplar Court (on the right) at Salford Precinct in the early 1990s.


The following are photographs showing the demolition of the flats near the precinct in the early 1990s.