Landmarks 28

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal.

This page is devoted to Salford Precinct


Salford Precinct




The shops facing Salford Market. You can see the store map and even a DER shop where many rented TVs and VHS recorders.



The precinct facing Poplar Court in 1973 with the Norweb and Woolworths store.


Inside the Precinct in 1973.


The rear of the precinct abutting Pendleton Way.


Another internal shot of the precinct in the 1970s.



An internal shot in 1973.


A shot at the entrance to the Market. To the left is the Keystone pub.


An internal view towards on the of the exits facing Pendleton Way.


The precinct in 1973


Also in 1973

Another internal shot in 1973


This time a shot of the rear of the precinct in the 1970s.


Two police officers at the rear of Salford Precinct in 1975.


The rear of the Precinct leading to Salford Market in 1973



The front of the Precinct in 1973


An internal view of the precinct after the refurbishment in 1991 which enclosed the walkways



The following are pictures of Salford Market when it was at the height of its popularity and which provide a wondeful slice of Salford life in the 1970s.


An early shot of the market with construction work still going on.


An aerial view showing the whole of the market.


This shows how busy and popular the market was in the 1970s.


The market from the Precinct near the DER shop. The building on the right is the market hall.


The caravan used as a photobooth outside the Keystone Pub.


A busy market.


A view of the market near the Flat Iron pub.


The market in the 1970s.


A final shot of a busy 1970s Salford Market.



Below are a selection of photographs showing how Salford Precinct is a shadow of what it once was.


Salford Market back when it was busy and vibrant

And Salford Market before demolition. Mostly empty and on its last legs


The front of the Precinct now tatty, litter strewn and mostly empty.


A neglected and forlorn shopping experience


This perfectly sums up Salford Precinct today. Empty. Tatty. And well past its prime.