Landmarks 25

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal


Agecroft Colliery


Agecroft Colliery on the 21st September 1975.


An aerial view of Agecroft with the colliery in the foreground and the power station and the cooling towers in the background.


A colour view of Agecroft Pit, the Power Station and the Cooling Towers.


Agecroft Cooling towers and Agecroft pit from Jubilee Bridge on the 5th July 1967.


Two pictures of striking miners picketing Agecroft Colliery on the 10th February 1974.


A nice view of the pit.


A view of the colliery on the left and the cooling towers on the right.


A view of Agecroft Colliery from just off Agecroft Road.


A steam train passes the colliery on the 10th April 1964.

A train near the colliery on the 18th February 1986.

A view of the pit from the train line on the 18th February 1986.



Agecroft Colliery and cooling towers on the 18th December 1980. Thanks to Ted Robinson

And the same spot on the 14th January 1985. Thanks to Ted Robinson.


A similar view on the 4th May 1984.


A view of the colliery from the railway.


A series of extracts on the history of Agecroft Colliery covering the period 1880-1968