Landmarks 24

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal


Agecroft Colliery



The last shift at Agecroft before the NUM strike in January 1972


An aerial picture of the Colliery in 1930


And on the 27th November 1979


Agecroft Pit the 3rd January 1980.


The same view as above (from the sports fields on Bolton Road near the Height) but this time on the 4th September 1990.



A picture of Agecroft pit and the cooling towers in 1991.







A view of Agecroft Pit in the background and the old factories at the side of the Irwell on the 5th July 1967




Agecroft in 1968



An aerial view of the pit and the cooling towers on the 8th May 1972.


A wonderful view of Agecroft Colliery in 1981.


Agecroft Colliery in 1980.


Agecroft in 1987. Picture by Eddie Smith.


The last ever shift at Agecroft Pit.


Two pictures of the Colliery in 1991 after it was closed in March of that year and demolished soon after bringing to a close a history of the mine dating back to 1844


After the mine has closed and number 4 shaft being filled in. The end of an era.