Landmarks 17

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal.

This page is devoted to the pubs and clubs of Kersal.


The Kersal Social Club

The Kersal Social Club on Thursday the 7th February 2008, and the picture below is later in 2008 taken from McKenzie Road.


A picture of patrons in the Kersal Club in 1955.



A much earlier but undated internal picture of the Kersal Social Club. It would appear to be from the late 1950s or early 1960s. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in 2010.


The wedding of Carol and Mike Richardson in the Kersal Club on the 1st August 1970. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in 2010.


A copy of the notice for a members night at the Lower Kersal Social Club.


A list of the Lower Kersal Social Club officials from 1977.

A copy of a bar tariff from 1977. If you click on the picture a larger copy will open and you can see that a pint of bitter would have cost you 25 pence and 33 pence for a pint of guiness.




The Kersal Hotel on Moor Lane.


An old picture of the Kersal Hotel.

And here in 1970.


Kersal Hotel in 1982. Thanks to John Mumford.


The Kersal Hotel in 1988. Roll your mouse over the image to see the same spot 25 years later on the 25th May 2013.


The Kersal Hotel on Moor Lane in 1990. Now gone and replaced with bland apartments


And the pub sign from 1993.



The Plough on Rainsough Brew


The Plough in 1925.

A modern view of the pub

Two sad views of a boarded up Plough in 2013.




The Staff of Life on Rainsough Brew


The Staff of Life in 1925.

And here in 1925

The Staff of Life in 1990.

The Rainsough Brew once known as The Staff of Life in 2009. Once a vibrant pub which now lies dormant and vandalised.

It was once the subject of an episode of the Cook Report into gangs and portection rackets.

Finally, the Staff of Life has gone in 2010.