Landmarks 12

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal



Agecroft Cooling Towers

A series of pictures which show them from Agecroft Junction, Clifton Junction,Brindle Heath Junction and Pepper Hill..


Agecroft Junction  

And one from the 1980s


From the 1980s in colour


A black and white shot of the Cooling Towers from Agecroft junction in November 1982

A stunning black and white photo from the 1980s.


An undated picture of Agecroft which seems to be sometime in the 1980s.



Agecroft on the 7th May 1987

On Sunday the 30th August 1987.


And on the 6th July 1992.


Agecroft on the 12th July 1992.


On the 17th August 1992.