Landmarks 10

A page for the notable local landmarks of Kersal



Agecroft Cooling Towers

A series of pictures which show how they dominated the landscape for miles around.


Almost the same spot as the picture immediately above but in colour and in 1959


The Cooling Towers from Kersal Moor in 1988.





The Cooling Towers and Keral Moor from St. Peter's Church in 1993.


From across Drinkwater Park in the 1980s

A view of the towers from Brindleheath


Cooling towers from the Duchie estate.


A photo taken from one of the flats near Salford Precinct in 1982 and you can see the cooling towers in the top left.


The cooling towers from Fitzwarren Court near Salford Precinct. You can see Sutton flats in the foreground.


Also from Fitzwarren Court in 1985.


An undated view of the Cooling Towers from Whit Lane which looks to be 1980s.


A stunning view of the Cooling Towers from the Crescent in 1964.


The Cooling Towers from the Crescent in the 1980s and to the right you can see Kersal Flats.


The Cooling towers on the 4th September 1990 from the sports fields on Bolton Road, Pendlebury.


A view of the towers from City Walk (near Bolton Road, Pendlebury) on the 13th February 1980.


Agecroft cooling towers taken from Waterdale Dye Works in 1971.



The Cooling Towers from Prestwich. Picture by the late Joseph McGarraghy.


Agecroft from Phillips Park in 1974


And again from Phillips Park in 1966.