Lower Kersal Schools 4

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Lower Kersal Primary School

Class photographs from Lower Kersal Primary School through the years. If you have any to contribute email them to the address above.



The eight year old pupils in 1956


The nine year old pupils in 1956


The nine year old pupils in 1957


Lower Kersal primary school class photo in 1959. Thanks to David Schofield.


Lower Kersal Primary School photograph from 1959.


The Lower Kersal Primary School athletics team from 1959-60. From Jamie Williams.


Lower Kersal 1st Year Infants in 1960. Thanks to Alan Jones.


A class picture of 1961

4th Row:Olive Gizzy, Jane Gordon,Norma Metcalf, Joan Hough, Wendy Bailey ,Ruth Davis
3rd Row:Brian Barrett,John Rowley,Me, Peter Mc Mahon, Peter Rushton,Robert Blackwell,Keith Walsh, David Winstanley
2nd Row:Ann McCormick, Tina Morris, Lilian Philbin,Lucy Paton, Stella Carr,Dorothy May Wynn, Anita Petrie.
Front Row:Roger Gregg, David Birchall,Paul Ward, Robert Williams,Alan Satchell,Brian Mather,David Scofield


Graham Ball (second row down on the left at the end of the row) at Lower Kersal Primary School in 1961. Thanks to Graham Ball.


A class picture from approxinately 1962. Thanks to David Schofield.


The late John Rawson Jnr at Lower Kersal Primary School in 1962. Thanks to Stella Rawson



Miss Boardman's class from around 1962. From Gary Dod.

Back Row: Miss Boardman, Gillian Aitken, Christine Parks, Susan Horne, Kenneth Moore, Roy Priestley, Karen Stainfield, Ann , Gail Foster.
3rd Row: Brian Birchall, John , Kevin Linguard, Michael Willetts, Barrie Cooper, Brian Greaves, Jeff Moody, Gary Dodd
2nd Row: Estelle Dutton, Unknown, Jean and Joan Burns, Unknown, Gwen Moreton, Unknown, Janet Swanwick
Front Row: Brian Sullivan, Alan Wheeldon, Philip Greenwood, Derek Lawley, John Hamson

Lower Kersal circa 1962. From Gary Dodd.

Back Row: Unknown, Karen Stainfield, Unknown, Uknown, Susan Horne, Uknown, Uknown, Christine Parks, Unknown
3rd Row: Gary Dodd, John , Barrie Cooper, Jeff Moody, Roy Priestley, Kenneth Moore, Kevin Linguard, Keith Roberts, Michael Willetts
2nd Row: Estelle Dutton, Unknown, Unknown, Janet Swanwick, Gillian Aitken, Jean and Joan Burns, Gwen Moreton, Unknown
Front Row: John Hamson, Kenneth Walesby, Philip Greenwood, James Henderson, Derek Lawley, Alan Wheeldon


A class picture from 1963. Thanks to David Schofield.


Lower Kersal 1st Year Juniors in 1963. Amongst the boys were John Hooley, Brian Barnes, Terry Bromley, Pete Silcock, Pete Rudey, Steve Slater, John Evans, Tom Milner and Alan McQueeny, and somewhere amongst the girls was Angela Prescott. Thanks to Alan Jones


Christine Rawson at Lower Kersal Primary School in 1963/4. Thanks to Stella Rawson


Lower Kersal Primary in 1964.


Miss Climbers class from 1969