Lower Kersal Schools 1

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Lower Kersal Primary School

An overview of the site of Lower Kersal School as it is today (or St. Aidans Grove as it is now known).



An aerial view of the school in the 1960s. The old canteen is still present in the top right of the picture, and the field is still used as a football pitch.


Two aerial views of the school in May 2006. The canteen has gone and the field is no longer a football pitch.





The entrance to the infants section of the Lower Kersal Primary School.


The inside of the infants section in February 2008.



A few pictures of the school hall as it stands in 2008. The teachers would make each pupil sit on a square during assembly.


The main school field next to the smaller of the two playgrounds in February 2008.


The smaller of the two playgrounds which is used by the infants. In the 1970s this playground had a large,deep sandpit which was dug into the playground.


The larger of the two playgrounds




A few contemporary pictures of the rose garden taken on the 1st February 2008. Unfortunately a lack of funding and new developments mean that a large part of the garden is to be built on. Unfortunately due to lifting paving stones etc the garden has not been usable for some time and there is no money to fix it. It is hoped that the new development will resolve that.