Kersal Dale 8

Some contemporary photographs of Kersal Dale.

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Two full panoramic views of the dale in 2009.


A contemporary view of the path on the Dale which runs alongside the flats towards the Kersal footbridge.


A view of the path looking in the opposite direction towards South Radford Street in Octover 2015. Thanks to Stephen Cahill.


The path alongside the flats on the 29th January 2011 at sunrise.


An aerial view of the path from the 6th July 1978 thanks to Bill Rich.


Sunrise on the Dale near the Kersal Footbridge in April 2010. Thanks to Harry Davies.


A shot across the dale taken from near the Kersal Bridge in February 2008.


A shot of the Dale in 2009 looking towards the site of the old bungalows.


Another shot towards the site of the old bungalows on the 9th June 2011.


A view of the flats across the dale from the area of the old bungalows in 2009.


A view along Radford Street on the dale towards the bungalows in August 2009.


A sunrise view of the dale from the Lanny (or Radford Street as it is formally known) on the 29th January 2011.


Bluebells on the hills on the dale leading up to Vine Street in 2009.


A view of Kersal Dale in February 2008 looking back towards the flats.


A contemporary (2008) view of the Dale looking back towards the flats.