Kersal Dale 6


Some older pictures of Kersal Dale which showed why Kersal folk loved it so much.

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A picture of the Jones family taken on the dale on a warm summer day inb the early 1970s. In the picture are Sharon, Russell, Carl and Gary.


A picture of Liam Mallon on a tarzan swing on that very spot in 1982

John Rawson senior and child on Kersal Dale.

John and Stella Rawson on Kersal Dale in the 1960s


The Rawsons on Kersal Dale in the 1960s


A great slice of 1970s Kersal life on the Dale. This was taken during the Kersal Festival of 1975. From left to right Harold Hodgkinson, Joanne Finnegan, Amanda Finnegan, Tracy Rees and Mark Rees.


A beautiful picture of the late Grace Randle and family enjoying the delightful Kersal Dale during the summer of 1975. This picture perfectly captures how Kersal folk loved and enjoyed the Dale during the 1970s. Roll your mouse over the image for the same spot in March 2009.


The late Grace Randle and friends walk on the Dale in the 1970s with John Bacon Court in the background.


Grace Randle, friends and family enjoying a summer walk on Kersal Dale in the 1970s

Emily Cooper & Lawrence, GraceĀ  & Jess lying on grass. This shows how wonderful the Dale was for family picnics etc.