Kersal Dale 5


Some older photographs of Kersal Dale.

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Pictures of the bungalows on Kersal Dale which house the greenkeepers who used to tend the dale. This was occupied until 2008.



Four pictures of the Greenkeeper's House.

This is a picture of the bungalows from the rear in 1964

A view of them from the front across the dale facing away from the flats in 1969

A close up view of them in 1970s and just how I remember them as a kid.

The bungalows in 1964.


Below is the condition of the main bungalow today

A shot of the bungalow in February 2008 when it was still inhabited.

This sadly is a view of the bungalow in November 2008 after it has been burnt out by local yobs. Yet another landmark of Kersal childhood destroyed. Thanks to Harry Davies for the picture.

And below some pictures of the bugalow in 2009.