Kersal Dale 4


Some older photographs of Kersal Dale.

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An undated picture of the Dale at the bend of the Irwell.


A beautiful colour image of the Irwell bend and Kersal Dale. The picture is from sometime in the 1960s. You can see that the stables are still there.


A 1963 view of Kersal Dale and the old Racecourse stables across the river.


A picture of the dale and the Irwell at the bend in the 1920s. You can still see all the old racecourse stable.


And another picture of this spot.


An old picture of the bend in the River Irwell.




A picture of Kersal Dale further around the bend of the Irwell from Kersal Flats.


Two old and undated images of the bend in the River Irwell. You can see the old grand houses are still present as are the stables on the Racecourse.


An old picture of the bend in the River Irwell.



And two pictures of Castle Irwell which was not an actual castle but more of a Victorian Folly.