Kersal Dale 3


Some older photographs of Kersal Dale.

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A colour shot of the flats and Keral Dale in 1971.


A view across the Dale in November 1982.


A view of the dale, the Irwell and the flats in 1970 from one of the houses on the dale.


A view of Lower Kersal Flats, the racecourse and Kersal Dale from the bend in the Irwell in 1964. Roll your mouse over the image for the same view in the 1980s.


Another view across the Dale with the Coolling towers and Salford University halls of residence in the background.


An undated view of Kersal Dale from the Cliff with the Racecourse in the foreground and Agecroft Cooling Towers in the background


A view from the same angle as above. This time in the 1980s.


A view of the Dale from the Irwell looking towards the Halls of Residence. This was in November 1982 and the ground is flooded and frozen. Thanks to R. Idle.


A view in the opposite direction on the same day.


Another view of the frozen Dale in November 1982.


A view of the Lanny also in November 1982.

A view of some of the old ruins on the Dale also in November 1982.


A view of the flats and the Dale in 1989 thanks to P. Ashmore